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The best non-alcoholic drinks for fall/winter 2023 (according to the Minus Moonshine team)

Have you heard of the term “Equally Attractive Non-Alcoholic Beverages” (EANAB) yet? We only recently learned it, and it instantly made sense to us. When we talk about non-alcoholic beverages, we don’t mean water, juice or soda - although, of course, they don’t contain alcohol. Instead, we think of non-alcoholic beverages that can rival many alcoholic beverages in terms of flavor and sophistication: A glass of high quality de-alcoholized wine, a hoppy juicy IPA, or a carefully crafted cocktail that contains all the exciting spirit alternatives, bitters, teas, essences, and home-made syrups as its alcoholic siblings.

Whether you’ve been interested in non-alcoholic beverages for a while or new to the field, the amount of products you can find in shops or on menus can be overwhelming. Which non-alcoholic red wine should I go with? What’s a great canned ready-to-drink cocktail? For this post, we chatted with Sam from Third Place Bar NYC to share our favorite non-alcoholic beverages with you!

Eva’s Spritz (ready-to-drink cocktail)

There’s a reason this ready-to-drink cocktail keeps winning awards: It’s one of the most sophisticated bitter aperitif-style drinks we can find. Serve over ice as-is or with a little squeeze of citrus.

ISH Lime Daiquiri (ready-to-drink cocktail)

I don’t know how they do it, but ISH products taste actually boozy. If you’re looking for a fun tart and sweet treat, the Lime Daiquiri is the way to go!

JONI Rouge (verjus / sparkling wine beverage)

JONI is a verjus drink, which is a beverage made from unripe grapes. It’s slightly tart with bold notes of cardamom, allspice, and rosemary. Drink it like a sparkling wine and pair with a charcuterie board!

This is an excellent pilsner with a lot of depth. It’s brewed in Germany, they know what they’re doing!

AL’s Lager (beer)

AL’s is a classic American lager. It’s perfectly crushable and feels like it belongs in your local neighborhood bar.

Surreal Brewing Chandelier Red IPA

This is one of the few gluten-free non-alcoholic beers out there! A wonderful IPA with a lot of body.

Noughty Rouge (wine)

One of our favorite red wines. It’s dry, light bodied, and pairs perfectly with food like red sauces or your favorite cheese!

We absolute love this aromatic white wine, made with a blend of Grüner Veltliner and Gelber Muskateller. Excellent just to sip on or paired with a delicious meal.

Okay hear me out: It’s a dry, carbonated red wine. Sounds weird? Pair it with pizza or any red sauce, or with a cheese board, and you’ll become a bubbly red convert!

The Pathfinder (spirit)

This hemp-based amaro sets the bar for non-alcoholic spirits. It’s bold and bitter, just sweet enough to be delicious on its own, fantastic in a spritz with club soda, and it’s the not so secret ingredient in many excellent zero-proof cocktails.

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