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Our favorite festive non-alcoholic drinks for the holidays

Are you ready to spend the holidays sipping on delightful drinks without the hangover? We teamed up with Sam at Third Place Bar NYC to bring you a list of our favorite festive non-alcoholic drinks. The captions are linked directly to our online shop so you can stock up on all your favorites.

Studio Null Sparkling Verdejo (shop)

Let’s start with the obvious choice for a festive occasion: sparkling wine! We love popping a bottle, especially if it’s a fantastic hangover-free bubbly like the Studio Null Sparkling Verdejo. While the bar is already pretty high for de-alcoholized sparkling wines, this one knocks it out of the park with a lovely acidity and notes of green apple.

Noughty Rouge Syrah (shop)

Let’s continue with the wine theme and give you: A red wine. Straightforward, dry, light bodied, great with a meal or a cheese platter, the Noughty Syrah is our go-to choice for any occasion that requires a reliable red.

Unified Ferments Snow Chrysanthemum (shop)

Okay, we’re getting a little funkier now in the “drinks that feel like wine” category. The Snow Chrysanthemum flavor is a standout in Unified Ferment’s excellent line of fermented teas. Think kombucha’s more delicate and elegant cousin? This one comes with bold herbal notes and a light fruity sweetness that pairs wonderfully with food.

Peroni Nastro Azurro 0.0 (shop)

Yes, beer can be festive. Sometimes you really just want to hang out in the kitchen while playing sous chef and sip on a cool, crisp beer. Nothing fancy, just a beer. I find that bottles have more of a festive vibe than cans, so I’m pretty happy that Peroni has a great non-alcoholic version of their classic beer. Literally just that. Beer for drinking.

For Bitter For Worse The Saskatoon (shop)

This drink is right on the border between a wine and a cocktail for me. Its berry notes remind me of a port, but they’re followed by a bitter base that hints at a Negroni. Absolutely wonderful served over ice with an orange twist.

St Agrestis Phony Negroni (shop)

Ye olde reliable! The St Agrestis Phony Negroni is one of the most popular non-alcoholic ready-to-drink cocktails, with the typical bitterness of its boozy original. I also like that it comes in these gorgeous bottles that hold two servings each - a perfect host gift!

Three Spirits Livener (shop)

Of course we have to include at least one “functional” drink which, in addition to tasting good, also *does* something to you. Functional non-alcoholic drinks usually contain various herbs and functional mushrooms to either perk you up, or help you relax. In the case of the Three Spirits Livener, you’re getting a tasty drink with a little spicy kick that also contains ginseng, l-theanine, and a tiny bit of caffeine to get that party started.

ISH g&t (shop)

Sometimes you just need a gin&tonic… anyone else know that feeling? The ISH g&t is a ready-to-drink cocktail that hits the spot for all those g&t cravings. Simply pour over ice and garnish with a lime wedge - and you’re sipping on your favorite botanical drink in no time, and guaranteed without the hangover.

Tilden Lacewing (shop)

The Lacewing is a lovely delicate and festive ready-to-drink cocktail with notes of cucumber, basil, lychee, and juniper. It’s a sophisticated sip that’s best served chilled in a beautiful glass with a cucumber ribbon garnish. I also like the fact that Tilden is almost sugar free (1 g of sugar per serving) and does not contain any adaptogens including caffeine for those wanting to steer clear.

Abstinence Epilogue (shop)

This drink is a great starter for those looking into mixing their own drink. My first impression of the Epilogue was “feels like a scotch” - it’s smokey and heavy on the warming spices like clove - it’s fantastic with ginger beer for a booze-free version of a Kentucky Mule!


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