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Statesman Beverage Co. - Sir Francis' Mojito Simple Syrup

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Type: Mixers Seltzers Sodas

Sir Francis' Mojito Simple Syrup was created to bring the authentic, traditional mojito back to your bar cart.

In the 16th Century, when Sir Francis Drake visited Havana, the Mojito was invented to heal sailors from scurvy. In addition to cane sugar, limes, and rum, the locals brewed Chuchuhuasi tree bark tea as herbal medicine and added it to their Mojitos. In this Cuban tradition, Sir Francis' Mojito Simple Syrup was created with organic chuchuhuasi bark along with the classic ingredients.

For the easiest, most delicious Mojito or Southside cocktail you've ever had, mix ½ - ¾ oz of Sir Francis' Mojito Simple Syrup with 2oz of rum or gin. Top with sparkling water.

Statesman Beverage Co. makes gourmet cocktail products that enable novice mixologists to make delicious, craft cocktails at home in a simple way. This small company insists on using the highest quality sugars and botanicals - and you can taste the difference. Grab a glass and join the good life!

  • One (1) 8.5 oz bottle
  • Makes about 16 cocktails
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Made in Houston, Texas