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Chinampa — Rosemary Cacao Seltzer

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 CHINAMPA - Cacao-Rosemary Seltzer

Made with cacao husks from Chiapas and rosemary from Chinampa's brewery in CDMX. Intense cacao aroma with herbal and mediterranean spicy hints. Flavor is slightly tart with an herbal astringency that is followed by a soothing cacao aftertaste. Interesting with gin for a twist to the typical gin and tonic.

Fermented, no alcohol
ingredients: rain water, cane honey, cacao, rosemary & yeast

Chinampa are natural non-alcoholic seltzers created by our friends at Monstruo de Agua. They are made by fermenting infusions of carefully selected fruits and herbs and natural sugar cane honey with their very special in-house cultivated yeast. The result are dry sparkling elixirs displaying the unique herbal flavors and qualities of the Mexican terroir.

They are the perfect alternative to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in any context; be it to accompany a special meal or to create a unique cocktail, or simply enjoyed by themselves as a refreshing tonic.

They are low calorie, low sugar and contain less than .5% abv. Their yeast has the particularity that—in contrast to typical brewer’s yeast—when conditions are right, upon metabolizing fermentable sugars it generates relatively low quantities of alcohol, instead producing antioxidant organic acids as well as wonderful aromatic compounds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
My favorite NA drink!

The Chinampa Rosemary Cacao Seltzer is one of the most unique beverages I’ve ever had, and when it comes to NA drinks it’s my absolute favorite! I had it at a restaurant once and was unable to find it for months until I ventured into Minus Moonshine. What a wonderful surprise it was to find it there! So long as it’s there I’ll always be at Minus!

Jody Short

Surprisingly delicious!

Elizabeth McGuoirk

tastes the most like beer without being actual beer. I love it so much, always coming back for more